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We’re very excited to announce sponsoring a Holocaust-related film in November 2023 to be shown by one of our partners - East Bay International Jewish Film Festival (EBIJFF). The film to be presented during November 2023 at a to be determined venue will be “The Crossing (2020)."


For more information about the film festival and for ordering tickets, check out their EBIJFF website.  

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Norway, 2020, 96 minutes, Norwegian with English subtitles

Norway, During WWII: After their parents are picked up by pro-Nazi police, young teen Otto and his younger sister Gerda discover that their parents have secretly helped the Resistance and have been hiding two Jewish youth in their basement.  Determined to go through with their parents’ plan on bringing Daniel and Sarah to neutral Sweden, the four start a perilous journey to the border, meeting those who will support their courageous efforts as well as others who are collaborating with the occupying Nazi regime.  Suitable for middle school through adult viewers.

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