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Violins of Hope East Bay will be exhibited at the Livermore Valley’s Performing Arts Center’s Bankhead Theatre in Livermore from January 30 to February 12, 2023. This educational and historical exhibition will lead visitors through the horrors of the Holocaust as well as the hope of the violins with a message of tolerance and resilience.

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January 30–February 12, 2023

Bankhead Theatre, Livermore

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The exhibit will include information about the Violins of Hope project, its founders and a collection of the restored instruments along with stories of each violin.  It will also include information about how music provided hope for Jewish musicians and occupants of ghettos and concentration camps during the Holocaust.  It will also include information about orchestras that were formed in many ghettos and concentration camps consisting of Jewish musicians. Several TV monitors will display videos about the Violins of Hope and about personal experiences by Jewish musicians in camps and ghettos.


An introductory exhibit including paintings by a local artist based on actual photographs from the Holocaust as well as introductory videos from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and video clips of eyewitness testimonies from Holocaust survivors from the USC Shoah Foundation in LA will also be displayed.  Winning art and writing contest entries by East Bay middle and high school students will also be on display.

Exhibit Instruments

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